Holiday Seasonal Delays and Help Desk Closures

Hello deviants!!!

We wish everyone a safe and joyous Holiday Season. :)

Closure Dates:

Christmas and New Years December 24th-January 1st


Our Help Desk Support is made up of three departments Help Desk Customer Service, Copyright and Etiquette Administration, and Retail Customer Care. You can reach us either at our Onsite Customer Service contact form or via email.

Onsite Customer Service

Help Desk Customer Service - General Help, Bug Reports, Chatroom/Forum Inquiry

Copyright and Etiquette Administration - Abuse Report, Account Ban Appeal, Policy Inquiry, DMCA Copyright Infringement Notice, Spammer Report, and COPPA Report

Retail Customer Care  - Includes all things Retail (Premium Memberships, Prints, AdCast, Points, and Premium Content Platform)

Premium Memberships - Premium Membership Inquiries

Prints  - My order has not arrived, My order has a problem, General prints order inquiry, General prints inquiry

My Earnings - My Earnings Inquiry

AdCast - adCast Inquiry

Points - Points Inquiry

Premium Content Platform - Premium Content Inquiry

Email Support

Help Desk Customer Service-

Copyright and Etiquette Administration -

Retail Customer Service -

AdCast Customer Service -

AdPro Customer Service -

Premium Membership Support -


If you are unsure which category you need to submit your questions to please read over the following article.

Is there a description of the Help Desk contact categories?

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