Visitors widget

it is not a bug or a problem.
It is a wish.
I have on my main page a widget called 'Visitors' - that let me see who visits me. But it only show the last 5 of the visitors. I want to see the last 100. Because i like to be informed. And I can keep track on some 'friends'. It could be realized adding a scroll - like a little window, and if i scroll down inside it, will update with the older visitors (even if the same guy came multiple times, should track the visit itself). It's an idea.
Thank you mister deviantart -you're the best!

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    I tend to browse Core users' profile pages logged off, simply so that I don't get tracked in visitor widgets (I just can't toggle this separately from the rest of my visibility settings, that I otherwise have no issues with), I can't think of a good reason for others to know when I stumbled on their profile pages.

    Really, it's just creepy and stalker-ish.

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