DA even reading these suggestions? (Remove the shout comments)


I've been on DA for a long time. My second (this one) account has been on DA for more than a decade.

And I have always wanted to remove my shout page and come across countless members who also want to remove the shout page, for any number of reasons, Troll, hate fav thanking, people write dumb stuff, or just don't want a shout page.


While writing this I was quickly able to pull up these (links below) All user who also want to be able to remove the comment, each with a bunch of people agreeing with them in the thread.

And non have any word or reason or excuse or mark that DA is even looking at these. Are we shouting into the void?

DA! Allow us to remove the comment or respond to anyone and tell us why your not going to do that.













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    Have you noticed that in all of those suggestions you'd listed (plus yours, I guess), the only points addressed by their respective authors revolve around the interests of the profile page owners? Literally all of them are summed up to, "I don't want X on my page".

    Does no one consider this to be a two-way relationship? The fact that this website, allegedly, is a community of artists, which sort of dictates what sort of basic interactions are expected to be had, here? Or what impression the blocking of this feedback channel will give their audience - that they'll more likely just think you can't handle the feedback and end up avoiding you, instead of risking to do business with you?


    I mean, sure, we could totally remove the comment widget - that would help visitors actually avoid people who can't handle the feedback, instead of doing the mistake of interacting, or worse, doing business, with them. More power to the audience.

    Purging individual comments - flat out no. The widget would be useless, if people could just arbitrarily filter out whatever they don't want you to see (plus, it would break threaded responses). Currently, you can at least see traces of such activity, when they choose to hide comments.

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