Another net neutrality shoutout

Since the vote is coming up this December, within a month... Why not do a little shoutout about it? Or even another small community event?

I just think that since it's about to happen and there's a lot of tension about it, having this site bring it up one final time before the voting of the representatives would help a lot in bringing it to the attention of those who may have forgotten!

I personally didn't know much about it when there was first a project of sorts about it, and I'm sure a lot of other people didn't either, because it was several months away and we hadn't heard much. But recently, it's even gotten famous entertainers' attention...

And I totally know you all have the core sale advertising and you'll probably be doing the Christmas card event, so I don't expect it to happen, but I thought it'd be worth a mention :0 Especially since it's so... Foreboding.


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    Oh dang, we did get that shoutout! I know it probably had nothing to do with this suggestion (thanks for the two votes though haha)

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