The Ability to sort deviants we follow into categories in our Watch

I watch over a thousand or so people, and it's getting really hard to see deviations from specific artists. Is it possible to add the ability to create folders in our deviant watch, so that we can sort artists into different categories? So for example, I'd be able to have all my friends' art show up under the 'friends' tab that I've created, and if I wanted to, I could create an 'anime' tab too, where I can put my favourite anime artists so that when they post, it shows up in its own seperate feed.

I could still view all of them in one pile by just going to a tab called 'all', which would function the same as the current watch tab that's available. The difference is, now I can look at each of my tabs! I could even put the same artist into multiple folders, so that if they do both animations and fanart, I can view them in both of those feeds.

I think a 'random from watch' option, or 'in alphabetical order', along with more options to sort people I watch in my feed would be nice too! This way people like myself who watch a lot of deviants still have a way to give attention to all of them, when we want to, without much hassle. This way, we don't have to unwatch a lot of people either, just to reduce the clutter.

I hope you take this idea into consideration, and thanks for reading!


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