Main Page Comments, Favourites

For years now I've been asking this:
PLEASE let us disable comments on our main page the same way we can on deviations etc.
I'm so sick of getting "thanks for the watch / fave" spam; it's not much to ask to let us remove the page comment module or "widget" entirely if we choose.

Also, please let us opt out of receiving notifications about Favourites.
I understand that to some, they matter, but to many like myself, they're just annoying spam clogging up our inbox. They're not "Feedback" and provide about as much feedback as Likes on a YouTube video. Except we have to clear them out every time, which is annoying.
I'm tired of seeing the "Feedback" icon appear in stacks of 10-30 at a time, hoping I have a new comment on my art, only to see a favebot has added my entire gallery to his "Favourites" without even looking at what he's "Favouriting".

All I'm asking is for the option to disable these the same way we can choose to not be notified about journals etc., not to make it mandatory.


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