Art Category for Adoptables

For those of you that do not know what adoptables are, they are characters or customizations for characters that various artists sell here on deviantArt. With this new art category people could review and look for adoptables without all the trouble of finding things that aren't really related to what they are looking for.

There could be two sub categories for sold and open adoptables.

This would make it easier for people who sell adoptables to be seen and found by people who would pay for said adoptables.

My only request to the people of these forums is if you must down vote it you explain why you are down voting this idea.

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    This would be awesome!! 

    Not only would it create a category for people who are making and seeking them, it would effectively remove them from other categories so that people who aren't interested in them wouldn't have to see them as much. It's a win-win. 

    I do like the idea of the sub cats for sold and open adopts, but acknowledge most people likely won't bother to change the categories, only the title/description. It's a good idea, though, and if people got used to maintaining the correct categories it'd work out well. 

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