sketch deviations

The ability to have a totally different deviation and folder just for sketches/drafts/brainstorms/WIPs so that you don't have a lot of deviations. Have it so that people can see it, but it won't show up on how many deviations you have or let people favourite it. Or splitting up final deviations (artworks) and another for sketches/drafts/brainstorms/WIPs.


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    This does seem like a good idea separately, but isn't that why the Scraps section exists? Correct me if I'm wrong.

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    The scraps section already exists for posting unfinished submissions and your watchers don't get notified of scrap uploads by default, so we don't really need a whole new gallery subsection for WIPs and sketches or other unrefined things. HOWEVER, I do support having the option to disable favs on submissions, even if it was just available for stuff submitted to scraps.

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