Ability to disable deviantart notes.

A little box we could check to disable notes. As in, not be able to receive or send them.

I feel this would be beneficial to users who just can't keep up, prefer a different method of contact, or just don't wish to receive them anymore.

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    I do use notes, and I still like this idea. It would be a way for someone to protect themselves from private harassment if they're having issues. They could turn their notes on or off with the click of a button, so anyone harassing them would have to do so publicly.
    It's an oddly specific reason, I know, but I've seen a few cases where I think a user would have really appreciated this option.

    Edit: I realize the 'public harassing' part came out weird. Let me clarify. If someone is forced only to talk to you publicly, it may deter them from harassing you at all. And it it doesn't, then you'll at least have proof of their actions in a location anyone can see.

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