Can you please try a different method for the friends list?

Reason I ask is because it’s really unsettling as a young woman to get a watch and then be on some random stranger’s friend list. And there are a lot of people that get so angry about it when you ask them :/ because they think it counts as a watch. Can you make the friendslist somewhere else so it’s not a giant headache to ask people we don’t know to take us off?


You know what’s also unsettling. Other people who are complete strangers to me trying to be and hinting at being more than just my “friend” when I am already in a relationship. It’s bad enough that there are a few woman on DA who HAVE to tell people that they’re not objects to people who’ve taken their pictures to arouse themselves. Or how about art thieves adding us to their friends list? 


That or change it to “People I’m watching,” list. Sounds more fitting i think. I do not make friends with people who randomely adding me to the friends list without spending any time to know me first.




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    Sadly, no matter what kind of friend system DeviantArt implements, there will always be trolls and creeps abusing it. Even if you have to send and accept friend requests, any problems you have now will just mutate. People will complain that you've denied their request, and try to stir up drama- stuff like that.

    That being said, I do think that when you watch someone, the friend box should be automatically unchecked. You should have to check it yourself for someone to be put in your friends list.

    I accidentally add friends all the time because I forget to edit my watch list. And I think that's a little ridiculous. It's weird that a site like this automatically treats watching someone as a statement of social relations, rather than an admiration of talent.

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    Block (then unblock, unless you have reasons not to) - it removes you both from one-another's watch/friend lists; no notifications of this are sent to the other party.

    Personally, I think the 'friend' thing is merely a poorly chosen term, really -all it really does is list the said 'friend' in the list of 'online deviants' in the upper-right corner of the page. Changing the term should be enough to qualm misinterpretation concerns, from where I stand.

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