More friendly sprite thumbnail resizer?

lots of sprites I've seen, including my own, have been resized for the thumbnails and look distorted, making single pixel lines become  either 2 pixels wide or the line completely disappears. The thumbs look horrible and lots of great pixelart and sprites end up being ruined and less likely to get a viewed. 

Would it be possible to program a tag into the submission's categories under pixelart to resize the image in a specific way, by simple multiples, like times 2, or 4, or 6 based on the image size. This would keep the standard resizing code for everything else but the pixelart category.

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    This is for pixels that exceed the max thumbnail size, yeah? The workaround around those is to submit your pixels as .gifs and use your own cropped image.

    For pixels much smaller than the thumbnail limit, I do wish it would stop showing a blurred edge on the left side of my deviations... I think it only does that on gallery pages and within profiles, but it's annoying. (I've only noticed it affecting my bouncy character icons, idk why.)

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