Privacy Settings/ Blocking media on your account

Users should be able to have settings on their account that lets the user decide what they want on their profile or in their notes.

First setting, blocking phrases or words from being posted on their account. This way people who are bullying, spamming, or advertising themselves can't do it easily. Also, means people can't send you these things anywhere else but the forums or someone else's profile who may not have those things blocked.

The second setting, to disable links or outside urls so people can't post links to places that can be harmful one way or another.

The third is disabling thumbs or on site links from being on your profile. This means icons, thumbs, and links from DA.

However, You can still comment and do those things on your profile just other people can't. This should not be a core feature as harassment and bullying knows no bounds.


Reason: A lot of people are sick of people harassing, bullying, or spamming their profiles. This would help with the bots problem and bad behavior in the community. Such as call out journals, bullying, and people who are harassing someone. Blocking only helps with that account not the individual or group of people. Someone can easily make more accounts as some people are twisted that way. It's our profile we should chose what is posted on it, we can already hide comments but for someone who has a bit of active watchers it's impossible to go through them.


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