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What i think you need to improve on blocking... TheFrozenDimond 0 comments -1 votes None
RSS FEED [Accessing categories] kenkit 1 comment 0 votes None
Give this a Daily Deviation TheRealAsriel 1 comment 0 votes None
Limited comment removal Shadowhawk9973 1 comment 0 votes None
turn off / disable favourites / favorites notifications and profile comments TVCranium 1 comment 2 votes None
A LA PLAINE DES CAFRES deviind 0 comments -2 votes None
to link to wallpapers fisabilillah 1 comment 0 votes None
Another post about deleting comments happytown12700 5 comments 0 votes None
Possible misuse rocketrick 1 comment 0 votes None
FIX DAMURO AUTOSAVE Shesvii 0 comments 0 votes None
Renaming Groups TurtwigChampion 1 comment 1 vote None
What if we can browse the site to earn points! AnimeEve 3 comments -3 votes None
Ban trolls and edgelords Daniel-Eggman 10 comments 5 votes None
Browser Push Notifications cesarcouto81 0 comments 0 votes None
Add a block button next to the users profile Afteel-Nifty 1 comment 2 votes None
Allow explicit content on DA with a new adult tag Afteel-Nifty 4 comments -2 votes None
[DELETED] wintercool612 0 comments -1 votes None
Mention Notifications For Groups And Featured Comments wintercool612 0 comments 1 vote None
galery editing MorellAgrysis 0 comments 2 votes None
abandoned groups MorellAgrysis 0 comments 6 votes None
Activity Notifications Color Coded by Watchers Voiii 4 comments 2 votes None
Core memberships should go into effect immediately. doodlemancy 1 comment 4 votes None
Automatically give users Senior Member TheRealAsriel 5 comments -7 votes None
Karma Points in the forums LoveFromHongKong 2 comments 2 votes None
Have you done any usability testing?... BarefootAnastasia 1 comment 2 votes None
Offering Discounts on Points dim357 1 comment 0 votes None
Deviantart should really add subfolders to favorites as well AkemiIsumi 2 comments 6 votes None
Pinata llama badge? khkairi12 2 comments 4 votes None
Tag management? Luniwenor 1 comment 2 votes None
Extra action for "manage deviations" tool ; Delete deviations Favetoni 0 comments 5 votes None