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Do you have suggestions for DeviantArt,, or Writer? We'd love to hear them! Feel free to share your suggestions and ideas here, and don't forget to comment and vote on suggestions you like!

Collaboration Deviations Endorell-Taelos 280 comments 601 votes None
More Precise Mature Content Filter Dizzidragonz 725 comments 584 votes None
Contest Trophy User Page Badge Endorell-Taelos 146 comments 349 votes None
Notes Revamp TimberClipse 137 comments 281 votes None
Commission PAGE not Widget! CavySpirit 66 comments 237 votes None
Ability to turn off "Status Updates" in watch so they don't show up in your inbox MahoHaku 165 comments 207 votes None
Watcher's Statistiques AngeKrystaleen 11 comments 195 votes None
Edit/Delete/Search Comment Fordz-Anims 156 comments 177 votes Completed
Add spoiler tags AngelicDragonPuppy 69 comments 172 votes None
Copy/paste lock for lit.(To help stop plagiarism) VampireGodesNyx 173 comments 165 votes None
Rainbow Llama Level For Receiving 100,000 Llamas llamalist 21 comments 160 votes None
Search by File Type sdz123 4 comments 140 votes None
Prevent a blocked user's work from appearing to you in groups you follow AngelicDragonPuppy 188 comments 139 votes None
Easy Advanced Search namenotrequired 20 comments 138 votes None
Search by Minimum/Maximum Width or Height. toxsickcity 3 comments 137 votes None
Changes to the Core Membership/Premium Memberships rockettreverie 143 comments 133 votes None
Email Integration TimberClipse 86 comments 133 votes Planned
Search in Favourites and Notes myraincheck 82 comments 132 votes None
Disabling Comments On Profile AlyssaStar109 168 comments 127 votes None
Subfolders in Collections (favorites) Seraphim-Art 128 comments 127 votes Not planned
Poll Revamp TimberClipse 51 comments 113 votes None
Give Founders and Co-Founders of Groups unlimited access to suggesting/adding deviations to their own groups ebenbrooks 109 comments 109 votes None
Viewing Who's Downloaded Your Deviation Jenny2-point-0 51 comments 105 votes None
BADGE INCENTIVE Rhyn-Art 47 comments 103 votes None
Private favourites NAkos 68 comments 102 votes None
Revamp of Manage Friends List im-not-sana 40 comments 100 votes None
Ability to add multiple parts to deviations in a series Mystrii 32 comments 98 votes None
Suspend Premium Membership TimberClipse 34 comments 95 votes None
Give up current tag system and implement booru style system. Abstract-Mindser 36 comments 93 votes None
Disabling The Right Click on Deviations CelticStrm-Stock 123 comments 93 votes None